My Cup Runneth Over

When I found out I was pregnant with my third child, I locked myself in the bathroom for maybe an hour or more. As my husband explains it, it was exactly what happened with the first. That is how he knew the test was positive.

With the first child you’re scared. It’s all new, and now everyone you know is going to start trying to tell you their ways on how to raise your children, lol. With a third on the way, you probably know a thing or two, but if it has been 10 years since your last, well then…….it’s like a first all over again!! At least to me.

After two kids I was saying the same things that I said with my first which I had 13 years ago. “We’re not ready.”, “I don’t know what to do.”, “Can we even afford this?”, “What about work. School?”, and on and on! I look at this blessing now, and think what did we even do before her? The other two kids were excited about the news. They understood that a baby would take a lot of the adults time. They were great with helping with everything, and playing with her. Now that she’s 1, they have even more fun because she is a dare devil- scared of nothing- knows she’s protected.

It has been an amazing journey. We weren’t ready, but who ever is…actually READY? I knew what to do because I had to do whatever it took to provide for my family. We could afford it because I have learned how to save A LOT of money on items and necessities for the family. I work at home and no longer have side jobs because I learned how to build my online business and even took on a network marketing “job” helping others feel their absolute BEST.

I love that I’m able to stay home with Bentlie and work on my businesses now. She lights up our lives and gives us a chance to share things that we went through to help others who may be going through similar situations. I just love that.

I snapped these pics of Bentlie a couple of weeks ago because I couldn’t get over how adorable and sweet she is. I’m truly blessed more than words can tell you <3.


See how we saved with this outfit!

bentlie blog8_1

Those toes though!!! Stay this sweet forever my love.

bentlie blog8

Pastels with bold colors is where its at ;).

bentlie blog8_2

The back of this shirt is to die for <3.

The pieces we buy are usually bought at different times and then we mix and match throughout the time she wears them. Not many outfits are set with specific pieces. This top was given to her by a long time friend, Lanika Abbott at Bentlies one year birthday party in March with a pair of abstract printed harem shorts in pastel colors. The cutest outfits ever!

harem shorts

The cutest!! Thank you Lanika. These were given to Bentlie at her 1 year birthday party in March. 18 mo sizing. She was able to wear the outfit on the right immediately, but the shorts on the left were a bit big then. Now, she can wear them both just fine. This is why we always size UP!!

I thought the black and white was SO cute with the pastel pink <3.


Top: Maggie & Zoe: Birthday gift- 0.00

Tribal shorts: Garanimals: Walmart- $2.00 Clearance

Headband: Hobby Lobby Clearance- 1.00 (I make headbands but it was super cute and only a buck, so why not?)



Modern Country Chic

Many weekends when my husband is off of work we pit stop into Goodwill to browse, but we all know that this browsing we speak of turns into pieces hanging all around the cart for us to decide on as we make our way through housewares.

This trip I remember finding quit a few pieces and this was a really nice one that was like new. Bentlie already had the pants from March.

This top reminds me of a cute country summer top that a teen would wear with some boots. We decided to keep it modern with the harem pants and glitter shoes to tone it down a bit!

bentlie blog6_1

It was a super HOT Tennessee day, but we paired these harem pants with the summer tank since we would be inside most of the day.

bentlie blog6

Bentlie thought it was so fun to sit in the front seat waiting on dad to go! The photo below was taken a couple of months ago! She can still wear this outfit with ease :). I think the mismatched socks she touch was just perfect!

bentlie blog6_3

Here she is in the same pants a few months ago with a different top (a onesie). I love how all of her pieces can be mix and matched and worn a while! It makes for a lot more outfits which is always a WIN!

bentlie blog6_2

I learned a long time ago not to let my pride keep me from big savings, and we have done a fabulous job. I wish I would have kept ALL of the receipts through these trips and sites to show how much we truly have saved by shopping deals.

About the outfit:

Top: 2 be real (could hardly read the embroidered logo on the tag): Goodwill- $1.00

Harem pants: Cat & Jack: Target clearance- $3.49

Shoes: Garanimals: Walmart- $3.00

Other pieces:

Top: Shown in another blog: Friends: Target clearance- $3.49

Onesie: With the Victorias Secret dog: Made by a friend for Bentlies 1st birthday- Free

Socks: Walmart- $1.97 (pack of two)


Love my family. Love my life. 

Love, The Family Coleition 

Feel free to post photos of your amazing finds!!!

Be sure to look back at our other cuties.

Pouty but pretty in pink and grey

I think talking about our finds for Bentlie, who is now 1, is such a blast, but getting the photos is quite a task!! She is such a busy body, but she did let me just paint her nails red so..WIN!!

Here is a summer casual outfit perfect for out outdoor adventures as long as we have quality bug repellent. If you have any notes on all natural bug repellent for kids, drop them in the comments for me, please!!

bentlie blog1bentlie blog1_1Bentlie blogbentlie blog1_2

My kids make my heart overflow!! Cuteness and sweetness overload with each one of them. Time is passing us by so quickly so enjoy every moment!!

About the outfit!

Tank Top: Healthtex: Goodwill- 1.00

Shorts: Carter’s: Dirt Cheap NWT- .90 (2 pack- white/pink 1.80)

Socks: Walmart- .98 (2 pack 1.97 some packs are two colors or same color)

Shoes: Walmart- 3.00 (clearance)


But shit it was 99 cents

I just love Macklemore so this was very fitting even with the “s” word, lol.

We started our “thrifting” in Florida. With living expenses the most we had ever encountered, we began saving in places we never thought we would. I was always embarrassed to go to Goodwill or thrift stores as a kid when my mom would take me. It wasn’t until after I had kids that I understood exactly why. You know, the DUH moments when your parents were right but you never wanted to admit it. That was one. Now, I’m grateful she introduced me to that because they have turned to fun memories.

I got an outfit at a store called “Rainbow Repeats” one day and I wore it to school thinking everyone in the world would know as soon as they looked at me. I had already been picked on a lot because my parents were older and more old fashioned. I also didn’t have the new FILA shoes until I could buy them myself. By then, I don’t think they were that popular anymore, haha. Anyway, a girl in the lunch line told me she liked my outfit and asked where I had bought it. I didn’t want to lie and I really didn’t know what to say so I told her, Rainbow Repeats. When I told my mom later that day she said, “Laura, you never have to tell someone where you got your clothes.” That was it. Simple.

Today, the clothes we have with us now, I’d say 99.5% of them came from a thrift store, discount store, or clearance, but I can guarantee no one would know unless I told them. I’m actually proud of our savings so I gladly tell people, hence the blogs and posts! I’m sure it comes with age and not having the time to worry about what anyone thinks because none of that ever matters!!

outlook on money and pay

Disclaimer: This is only to help those who want help in areas to save or those who want to save on clothing for themselves or children.

Enough chatter tonight, here is a find that when I wore it this second time, I kinda figured out what it really was!! It was only .99 cents so why not!!!

it was 99 cents

I have found some pretty neat things on the .99 colors and half off days. I usually get kicked out quickly by my husband so when I go in, I GO, GO, GO, GO like Guys grocery games, haha!!!

blue dress blog3blue dress blogblue dress blog1 bentlieblue dress blog4


I found this blue dress at a local Goodwill, the only one in this small town. This day was a specific color tag for clothes to be .99 cents. Now, the stores will pull most of those colored tags and hang them on the center racks for easy finds, and this one was there. I tried it on and it was comfy and much like one I found in a previous blog while I was pregnant. Yup, I believe this is a maternity dress but I’m no longer pregnant. That’s totally fine, lol. I like this softer fabric for hotter days especially since its loose and doesn’t stick or feel restricting. It is a bit casual, but pair this with a hot pair of heels or wedges, and accessories and you’re good for date…or work. However you look at it it’s good!! Maybe ill do one with it all jazzed up and see how it looks.

Bentlie’s little ensemble is the cutest on her. I always adore her little clothes and have so much fun finding them for her. With kids clothes its much easier since they don’t wear them but a few times making them still look pretty new. Most of the time I do find new kids clothes with tags because mommy loved it, bought it, and baby never wore it. Guilty, right here.

About the outfits:


Blue dress: Xhilaration: Goodwill- .99

Pink tank: No boundaries: Walmart- 1.68

Shoes: Sperrys: Rack Room BOGO years ago- listed in a previous blog

Sunglasses: Dollar Tree- 1.00


Bentlie Bug:

Green flower top: Carter’s: Gift from Great Grandma (came with matching green/white striped capris)- 0.00

Flower skirt: Garanimals: Goodwill NWT- 1.00

Shoes: Brand on tag not on shoes: Walmart- 5.00 (rounded up)


This was a super HOT day in Tennessee but fun. We took a walk around Sycamore Lake to scope out good fishing areas for the boys!!

The next week I found this same dress in yellow, NWT, at the same Goodwill. I didn’t purchase it because it was too see through for my liking. It would have been a nice beach cover up though!! Well, while I am here I should say lake!


For the love of shoes

I don’t know too many girls and women who do not love shoe shopping. If you’re like me, your shoes tell the world who you are. Shoes are a way I express myself. I’m pretty bold in some of the things I wear (not shown here), but shoes allow me to just go even crazier. It’s either the outfit or the shoes, but there has to be a nice balance so you don’t get a Lady Gaga reputation, and if you do but don’t care…then my hats off to you x50.

shoes gif

My love of shoes is probably out of hand or so some would say (of course I wouldn’t say that or even dream that- I dream of even more), and I used to want to have the largest shoe collection in the world. The competition is pretty stiff, but hey, anything is possible.

christina closet Christina Aguilera: With son Max in her closet.

The only problem I see getting in my way at the current time would be the cost of some of these gorgeous, pieces of art. I’m in a time where there are actually more important things to worry about like saving for a house, paying off debt and student loans, but more importantly, keeping my kids comfortable with everything they need for school.

shoes gif1

Even with everything going on, I manage to get some things here and there without thinking about how many hours or days I had to work to pay for one item. Have you guys ever done that?

Doing this really helps me decide on what I should or shouldn’t buy and when. If I break down my pay with my business and my side job or whatever income we have coming in to where I have an amount per hour for an eight hour day, I look at the price of the item and think about how many hours I would have to work to pay for that item. This may sound pretty silly, but depending on what your situation is, you’d be surprised at how your mind can quickly change. If there is a higher priced item that would take me 2 or 3 days of work (according to this system) then I have to think about if it’s really worth it or can I find the same thing or something similar somewhere else for less. Sometimes its worth it and sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it’s not and willpower didn’t feel like working that day so I give in. Lol. Rarely though.

evil and good

Anyway, shoes. I love shoes, but I have found that I don’t like paying the high prices that come with some of these shoes anymore. Even if dropping $150 or $650+ on some shoes was no problem, having gone through some of the things we have recently, I probably wouldn’t do it. Idk. It’s easy to say that now, but if things changed, who knows to be honest.

And as you all already know, I love a good thrift find now days, and here I will show you some shoes that I found in a few Goodwills and thrift shops.  Most of these were snapped in ONE Goodwill in the SAME visit. It was like the shoe thrift jackpot, but none of them were my size. It’s a good thing too. I don’t necessarily like all of them, but I am showing how there are some decent shoes that pass by these stores, and some are even brand new with tags on. I also threw in some that I DO have, but many I have not taken photos of yet (craaaazy).

Enjoy (because it took me a long time to take these, crop them, save them, email them, save them again, upload them here, and then insert them, LOL)!!

goodwillshoes Jessica Simpson

goodwillshoes1 Audrey Brooke

goodwillshoes2 BCBGeneration

goodwillshoes3 Charlotte Russe

goodwillshoes4 Fioni

goodwillshoes5 Dollhouse

goodwillshoes6 Audrey Brooke

goodwillshoes7 White House | Black Market



goodwillshoes10 Pierre Dumas (lol. Get it??? Comment if you do)

goodwillshoes11 Mossimo Supply Co.

goodwillshoes12 Nine West

goodwillshoes13 BCBG

goodwillshoes14 Steve Madden

goodwillshoes15 Mossimo

goodwillshoes22 Carlos Santana


goodwillshoes24 A. Marinelli

goodwillshoes25 BCBGirls

goodwillshoes26 Bandolino (I don’t think shoes should be written on!!!)

goodwillshoes29 Talbots

goodwillshoes30 (If I remember correctly these were 14.99 at the Goodwill Boutique)

goodwillshoes31 Betani


goodwillshoes33 Nine West

goodwillshoes58 I don’t remember but they were real leather and comfy

goodwillshoes60 Joey


goodwillshoes62 Steve Madden



These were found in a few Goodwill stores within a couple of days and some private thrift shops. While they aren’t crazy, crazy shoes, they are shoes in great condition, but don’t have the great big prices. The most any of these shoes are are 9.99. Most are 4.99 and the kids shoes are always 2.99 (at Goodwill here, and sometimes you can find an adult pair for 2.99 because they made a mistake- this happens with shirts too). When you get a half off color tag…even betterrrr!!

excited dancing gif

Some I forgot to jot down the brands (because in my mind, I thought I could remember them all- bwahahaha).

So, not too bad and I used to be a shoe snob. Snob isn’t even the best word to describe it, but I’d rather not say the others.

Feet may scare you like they scare me, but a little can of lysol and cleaner becomes your best friend ;). Again, some of them are brand new and never worn out.

Here are a few that I did get and a few I picked up for some other people.

goodwillshoes16 Mossimo

goodwillshoes17 Guess

goodwillshoes18 goodwillshoes19 Keds- brand new

goodwillshoes20 goodwillshoes34 Antonio Milani

goodwillshoes35 D

goodwillshoes36 Aldo- brand new

goodwillshoes37 Bandolino- brand new

goodwillshoes39 goodwillshoes38 Metaphore- brand new

goodwillshoes40 East 5th- brand new

goodwillshoes41 Jessica Simpson- brand new

goodwillshoes42 A. Co

goodwillshoes43 White House | Black Market- brand new

goodwillshoes44 Mossimo Supply Co.- brand new

goodwillshoes45 Mossimo

goodwillshoes46 Highlights

goodwillshoes47 Highland Creek

goodwillshoes49 Lela Rose- brand new (for someone)

goodwillshoes50 Dolce Vita- brand new (for someone)

goodwillshoes48 Calvin Klein- brand new (my most recent shoe find)

goodwillshoes51 Cynthia Rowley- brand new (for Alexis)

goodwillshoes52 Converse- brand new (for Alexis)

goodwillshoes53 Airwalk (for Alexis)

goodwillshoes56 Croft & Barrow wedges- brand new (for Alexis)

goodwillshoes54 Me Too

goodwillshoes55 Aldo (just needs new inserts)

goodwillshoes57 Mossimo Supply Co.

goodwillshoes21 Vince Camuto

goodwillshoes65 Newport News

goodwillshoes66 Merona

So a few cuties to add to the collection. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I would never go to the shoe section because of my fear of feet (other peoples feet), until I glanced over and saw a new pair with tags. It was kind of exciting and I had been missing out on a lot of things. Now I will walk through first thing because they don’t last long.

The Vince Camuto, patent leather stilettos were regularly $150 retail, but I found them in perfect condition for 4.99 in a GW. Goodwill has started marking up the name brand items if the person tagging knows what they are. Prices have gone from 4.99 to 9.99 for “designer” (so they call them) brands that are in decent or new condition (and some arent even in great condition). Even if it is a Target or Walmart brand in good condition, they will be marked at 9.99. Luckily, whoever tagged the Vince Camuto pair did not know or didn’t care, idk. Same with the Antonio Milanis that run for $98 and the Dolce Vitas that run in the $90s. I did pay 9.99 for two or three of the pairs shown and a pair that is not shown here (navy blue suede stilletos by Fuss made in Italy).

SO, it is possible to get some decent shoes at a thrift store. It is rare that one has so many at the same time like the Cape location a while back, but they were different sizes. Sometimes there are some NWT (new with tag) pairs, but they aren’t my size. Those are like the most bummer faced moments ever, lol.

im not okay gif

killer heels

Happy thrifting and show us what you find!!! Follow me on Instagram to see find updates there as well :). @LauraCharie.

Love my family. Love my life.

Love, The Family Coleition

Feel free to post photos of your amazing finds!!!

Be sure to look back at our other cuties.

Tips for shopping at Goodwill #1

I have gotten pretty good at flying through thrift stores, picking out what I think are the best pieces for me and my style (even though my style is ALL OVER THE PLACE). I don’t stick to just one thing, that’s boring, and many of us like many styles. It doesn’t mean we have an identity crisis, it just means we like a lot of things and I’d like to think that we are special enough to pull them all off! Go us! I am writing up this session based off of questions I have received and comments about how they “can’t find anything” to fit right.

In the beginning, I wasted a lot of time trying on clothes that were not for me. I thought they were, but you’ll see why they shouldn’t be for anyone (jk). Everyone has a different body type and you DO need to figure out yours to make the most of your thrifting time. I know it’s a thrift store and the thought of trying things on in there are frightening, but sometimes it is a must, especially the ones you go into that say “ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO EXCHANGES OR RETURNS”. You have to be especially careful when these particular ones do NOT offer dressing rooms along with these policies. This is when you neeeeed to know what is going to fit you and look the best on you.

I am short waisted which means my torso is just short (and love handles make it even worse), but I have long legs for my height (only being 5’4″). I have to find pants that are not too long and not too high waisted so I go for “low rise” and “hipster” style pants.

Don’t let the thrill of finding a half off color tag allow you to compromise your style or the fit. If it doesn’t fit, put. it. back. Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes I say, “I will just alter it or have it taken in.”, but I don’t and more than likely others won’t either. Just let it go, and move on to the next item.

I’m going to show you a pair of plaid pants that I picked up (because I think they were half off), and if I remember correctly, they still had the tags on them. Don’t let that or brand names get in the way either! Don’t pretend they fit or look good. Be honest with yourself.

goodwill56_1 Here they are. Plaid pants.

Here they are ON my body…..

goodwill56 They were a light brownish color. The coloring may be off here because I had to filter them to bring out the item since the photos were dark.

Now, lets be honest here. These are hideous. Maybe we could get away with saying they are geared toward an older clientele or maybe a shorter person with a longer torso. My hip placement also made them high waters on me. I am still laughing at this picture, but these went on the “no” hook.

goodwill56_8 See how right under the belt line on the side is straight, and then it curves out slightly (where a persons hip should fit)? Look how far down the inseam that curve is. That is telling you immediately that this is not a modern or flattering cut for those that like a fresh, low rise look. Pass if you know you like low rise fits. If you are into the high waisted pants, then make sure they are up to date with their cuts (unlike this pair).

Now we will look at a low rise pair.

goodwill56_2 These have a bit of flare at the bottom for a retro look when on, but notice the hip placement.

goodwill56_9 The curve starts at the top of the pant! When looking at these, you can tell that they are going to sit lower on the hips because there is nothing really above that curve.

Here is what these look like while trying them on.

goodwill56_3 goodwill56_4 These fit my body much, much better!

Here they are in a complete, polished look (as seen in the previous post,!

goodwill54_5 goodwill54 goodwill54_1

I am very pleased with this look, and the fit. It has been a hit so far!

The next set of photos are so funny to me so lets see if you feel the same way.

Shorts can be a problem too. Not every pair fits the same, and even if it is a favorite or popular brand, they can be very, very wrong.

I didn’t take a picture of the front of the shorts because I was laughing so hard that I forgot. Here is a shot of the back, and what you should look for before taking the time to try them on.

goodwill56_7 What is this?? Why is this here?? Who thought this was a good idea? I don’t know about you, but my bottom doesn’t do this.

Here is a shot of them on.

goodwill56_5 Please don’t tell me they “look fine”. Lets look again.

Lets focus on the issue.

goodwill56_6 Okay, so……..I still don’t know.

I don’t have a “flat butt” either, so there is no need to say something like, “You’re bottom doesn’t fill the shorts out”. There are FOLDS, it is how they are made, and no other pair of shorts I have ever tried on, have done anything this bad on my bottom. It looks as if I am clenching my cheeks, and that is just not flattering. Skip the droopy butt folded bottoms unless this is a style I know nothing about. Lol.

These shorts are Abercrombie. I can find some really cute things by them that a girl my age can still pull off without looking as if she’s trying too hard. These didn’t make the cut…in many ways! Oh, and no, I did not buy these!


These are just a few examples. I will put some other things together as the requests come in, but these will help in the trying on department. I used to have a huge pile on my arm, and I wasted so much time so now I’m sure to analyze each piece in different areas. I must look nuts just flying through, but I want to make sure I’m not missing out on some fabulous finds like those Body by Victoria pants NEW WITH TAGS for 4.99!!

Let us know how you do, and feel free to email us photos of your finds, completely thrifted ensembles, shoes, and/or mishaps (like these) to We would love to share the happiness and more tips!!

Love my family. Love my life.

Love, The Family Coleition

Feel free to post photos of your amazing finds!!!

Be sure to look back at our other cuties.

A modern take on the good ‘ol seafoam green

Where’s the peach!!! Don’t worry, it is NOT here, lol.

This is one of my favorite colors! When I started my business, BowPosh by Laura C Cole ( I chose a similar color which got named BowPosh (aweeeesome) because it has come back from the dreaded peach and seafoam green era. Did I just show my age there again? Gah. Anyway, it is such a refreshing color and goes with so many other colors for great contrasting duos (let us forget about the peach right now).

Remember, I find all of my pieces at different times, but it just so happens that many of my pieces go with something I randomly picked up. Whew. I got these fine wale corduroy pants (yes, corduroy, and “fine wale” means thin lined corduroy stripes) half off, woot woot, but didn’t have anything to wear with them yet. I had to have them. They fit nicely, and who cares if they are corduroy. The out is IN!!! Lol. I later ran across the top, but didn’t want to pay full price (I got addicted to the color tag game) so I tangled the hangers up so people would bypass that section. No one likes to untangle a clump of hangers and fabric to see whats there (well, I do sometimes). We are regulars so I get the scoop on what the next color is going to be the following week since they no longer post it on a calendar in our county. Yes!! when I came back, it was still there, and it was half off ;). I knew it would match these pants, and it did, beautifully.

So the shoes you ask….those were bought the day I took the photo! I ran across the brand new Keds in our favorite Goodwill location and they were my size. *faint* Sold. Sprayed out, and voila :). Do I care that people think Keds died in the 90’s, nope. A fresh, minty look for under $20 bucks. I kid you not. I had my Clarks sandals on that have a strip of leather in a darker mint shade at first so I’m so excited that I found these and even more excited that my hubby let me leave with them!

P.S. I also think that a single head to toe color can be fabulous if done the right way. My tank breaks it up a bit, but the main color is the same throughout. If my top were the same as the pants, then that would have been too much.

Bold words are my recent thrift finds.


goodwill48 I’m only trying to show the flap/ slit detail on the back of the shirt here.

goodwill48_3 goodwill48_2 Cut outs on the shoes!

Striped top with scarf: 579- Goodwill- 2.00 (half off tag)

Tank: Gap- Goodwill- 2.00 (half off tag) *underneath the scarf tank

Pants: Mossimo- Goodwill- 2.50 (half off tag)

Shoes: Keds- Goodwill- 4.99

Sunglasses: Forgot brand from tag- Goodwill- 2.99 (NWT)


I now have too many favorites! Just remember that if you see something you like, but you don’t have anything to wear with it now, it’s okay, look at the price; you aren’t out that much and you are pretty much guaranteed to find something to go with that item in a week or two. Even if it takes longer, I think it is worth it. Look how cute this is!!!!

Love my family. Love my life.

Love, The Family Coleition

Feel free to post photos of your amazing finds!!!

Be sure to look back at our other cuties.