My Mini Me

A short and sweet post just like this beauty we call Bentlie!

I love that she loves little mature outfits. She doesn’t always have to be dressed in Disney princesses, and My Little Pony pieces to laugh, play, and be a joyful child. This outfit is probably one of my favs! I’m not wishing her to grow up, not at all but I cherish every moment I have with her and we have a blast picking out clothes (mini me outfits and princesses)!

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Top: Old Navy: Dirt Cheap- $1.60 (I still need to explain this store!!)

Lace vest: RMLA: Goodwill- $1.99

Leggings: No brand: Goodwill- $1.00

Shoes: No brand listed on shoes: Walmart- $3.00

Headband: Made by BowPosh


The lace vest is a size 2T. I cant stress enough to size up! Bentlie now wears 18mo but she fits in some 24mo and will be able to wear them for the rest of the year which will save me a lot with her rapid growth!!



Tips for shopping at Goodwill #1

I have gotten pretty good at flying through thrift stores, picking out what I think are the best pieces for me and my style (even though my style is ALL OVER THE PLACE). I don’t stick to just one thing, that’s boring, and many of us like many styles. It doesn’t mean we have an identity crisis, it just means we like a lot of things and I’d like to think that we are special enough to pull them all off! Go us! I am writing up this session based off of questions I have received and comments about how they “can’t find anything” to fit right.

In the beginning, I wasted a lot of time trying on clothes that were not for me. I thought they were, but you’ll see why they shouldn’t be for anyone (jk). Everyone has a different body type and you DO need to figure out yours to make the most of your thrifting time. I know it’s a thrift store and the thought of trying things on in there are frightening, but sometimes it is a must, especially the ones you go into that say “ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO EXCHANGES OR RETURNS”. You have to be especially careful when these particular ones do NOT offer dressing rooms along with these policies. This is when you neeeeed to know what is going to fit you and look the best on you.

I am short waisted which means my torso is just short (and love handles make it even worse), but I have long legs for my height (only being 5’4″). I have to find pants that are not too long and not too high waisted so I go for “low rise” and “hipster” style pants.

Don’t let the thrill of finding a half off color tag allow you to compromise your style or the fit. If it doesn’t fit, put. it. back. Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes I say, “I will just alter it or have it taken in.”, but I don’t and more than likely others won’t either. Just let it go, and move on to the next item.

I’m going to show you a pair of plaid pants that I picked up (because I think they were half off), and if I remember correctly, they still had the tags on them. Don’t let that or brand names get in the way either! Don’t pretend they fit or look good. Be honest with yourself.

goodwill56_1 Here they are. Plaid pants.

Here they are ON my body…..

goodwill56 They were a light brownish color. The coloring may be off here because I had to filter them to bring out the item since the photos were dark.

Now, lets be honest here. These are hideous. Maybe we could get away with saying they are geared toward an older clientele or maybe a shorter person with a longer torso. My hip placement also made them high waters on me. I am still laughing at this picture, but these went on the “no” hook.

goodwill56_8 See how right under the belt line on the side is straight, and then it curves out slightly (where a persons hip should fit)? Look how far down the inseam that curve is. That is telling you immediately that this is not a modern or flattering cut for those that like a fresh, low rise look. Pass if you know you like low rise fits. If you are into the high waisted pants, then make sure they are up to date with their cuts (unlike this pair).

Now we will look at a low rise pair.

goodwill56_2 These have a bit of flare at the bottom for a retro look when on, but notice the hip placement.

goodwill56_9 The curve starts at the top of the pant! When looking at these, you can tell that they are going to sit lower on the hips because there is nothing really above that curve.

Here is what these look like while trying them on.

goodwill56_3 goodwill56_4 These fit my body much, much better!

Here they are in a complete, polished look (as seen in the previous post,!

goodwill54_5 goodwill54 goodwill54_1

I am very pleased with this look, and the fit. It has been a hit so far!

The next set of photos are so funny to me so lets see if you feel the same way.

Shorts can be a problem too. Not every pair fits the same, and even if it is a favorite or popular brand, they can be very, very wrong.

I didn’t take a picture of the front of the shorts because I was laughing so hard that I forgot. Here is a shot of the back, and what you should look for before taking the time to try them on.

goodwill56_7 What is this?? Why is this here?? Who thought this was a good idea? I don’t know about you, but my bottom doesn’t do this.

Here is a shot of them on.

goodwill56_5 Please don’t tell me they “look fine”. Lets look again.

Lets focus on the issue.

goodwill56_6 Okay, so……..I still don’t know.

I don’t have a “flat butt” either, so there is no need to say something like, “You’re bottom doesn’t fill the shorts out”. There are FOLDS, it is how they are made, and no other pair of shorts I have ever tried on, have done anything this bad on my bottom. It looks as if I am clenching my cheeks, and that is just not flattering. Skip the droopy butt folded bottoms unless this is a style I know nothing about. Lol.

These shorts are Abercrombie. I can find some really cute things by them that a girl my age can still pull off without looking as if she’s trying too hard. These didn’t make the cut…in many ways! Oh, and no, I did not buy these!


These are just a few examples. I will put some other things together as the requests come in, but these will help in the trying on department. I used to have a huge pile on my arm, and I wasted so much time so now I’m sure to analyze each piece in different areas. I must look nuts just flying through, but I want to make sure I’m not missing out on some fabulous finds like those Body by Victoria pants NEW WITH TAGS for 4.99!!

Let us know how you do, and feel free to email us photos of your finds, completely thrifted ensembles, shoes, and/or mishaps (like these) to We would love to share the happiness and more tips!!

Love my family. Love my life.

Love, The Family Coleition

Feel free to post photos of your amazing finds!!!

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