My Mini Me

A short and sweet post just like this beauty we call Bentlie!

I love that she loves little mature outfits. She doesn’t always have to be dressed in Disney princesses, and My Little Pony pieces to laugh, play, and be a joyful child. This outfit is probably one of my favs! I’m not wishing her to grow up, not at all but I cherish every moment I have with her and we have a blast picking out clothes (mini me outfits and princesses)!

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Top: Old Navy: Dirt Cheap- $1.60 (I still need to explain this store!!)

Lace vest: RMLA: Goodwill- $1.99

Leggings: No brand: Goodwill- $1.00

Shoes: No brand listed on shoes: Walmart- $3.00

Headband: Made by BowPosh


The lace vest is a size 2T. I cant stress enough to size up! Bentlie now wears 18mo but she fits in some 24mo and will be able to wear them for the rest of the year which will save me a lot with her rapid growth!!



Breezy Florida style

Today I was told that I do not look or seem like I would be very “maternal”. I thought, hmmm?!? I have two kids. This person knows I have two kids so how do I not look like I would be a mother or give off motherly love? I was stunned because my kids are my everything!!! I did have my kids young, or what many would consider “young”. My eldest is 10 and I delivered her 12 days after I turned 21…darn…I just kinda gave away my age. Even at such an immature age (not fully being out of adolescence yet), I felt like I was all of these things. I delivered my son two short years later in ’06. Could I be better at the mother thing, why yes! We all can, but to hear these words from people that barely know anything about me; people from the outside looking in, it shakes me.

What does this have to do with today’s style blog? Probably nothing. Sometimes mothers need to vent too, haha! But, I do think the choice I made today makes me look more mature. I love fun things, crazy things, things that people my age probably would never wear, not even dare to wear, and I’ll be that way until I die ;).

It was a Banana Republic kinda day. Breezy out and not too sunny or hot so why not throw on the linen pants with some sandals. Ahhhh, the Florida life.

Bold words are my recent thrift finds.




goodwill44_3 Some sand got kicked up on them from the breeze.

Purple top: – Banana Republic- Goodwill- 2.00 (half off tag)

Red tank: Faded Glory- Goodwill- 2.00 (half off tag)

Pants: Banana Republic- Goodwill- 2.50 (half off tag)

Shoes: Newport News- Goodwill- 4.99

Sunglasses: Forgot brand from tag- Goodwill- 2.99 NWT

Necklace: No name brand- Goodwill Boutique- 5.99

Handbag: Unknown brand- Goodwill (like new)- 4.99


Surprised that the entire outfit came from Goodwill??? Not too shabby for about 27.00!

Am I a member of the Red Hat Society? No, lol, but I like putting colors together that shock the eye and this is what I had on hand to where everything could pull together. I started with the linen pants and thought I’d thrown on the purple since it is actually my first purple piece in this journey. Red will off set it and then I’ll add the rustic necklace and bronze sandals to complete the look. Oh wait, my nails are aqua and are chipping so lets fix that right now with some red, glitter nail polish. Boom, and done for more errand running at the dog kennel and courthouse :).

Love my family. Love my life.

Love, The Family Coleition

Feel free to post photos of your amazing finds!!!

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