Free Clothes for Girls

I have posted a few outfits for women that I have received amazing deals on and hope that others are taking advantage of as well through the links I have provided :).

Let us take a look at a few kids pieces from these links and of course I will throw in a Goodwill find ;). Even though I am a little upset at the drastic price hikes that Goodwill has done lately (as well as “retail” upgrades)  in SWFL (and maybe all over, I’m not sure), I can still find a few good deals here and there, just not as often as I used to.

We will start with my daughter. I have picked out my daughters clothes for years, but when she turned 10 (maybe that is a little late to some) she started picking out her own (as long as they were age appropriate, affordable, and not too cray cray). I am incredibly lucky to have a daughter who trusts my taste in clothes for her (for the most part- once in a while there’s a few pieces she turns her nose up at), and appreciates the fact that I think about her (and my son) when I am clothes shopping or just happen to run across a random piece somewhere.

I actually asked some questions that a friend had posted on Facebook, and had my kids answer them honestly. Here is what they said (yes, no. 7 is missing because my friend took that one off since it was about height, hahaha).

DuGreis questions

Alexis questions

They were pretty legit answers even though some are a bit off, they really crack me up with how they think or what they think about us as parents even with such basic questions. But number 10 for Alexis is what I am talking about here. She remembers this about me and what I do for her, and I feel she really appreciates it or this would have not come up in the conversation. It really makes me feel good. Little things make me feel good.

schoola alexis

She always has those headphones ;).

schoola alexis1


About this outfit:

This is a hat that Alexis ordered for FREE off of Poshmark. For free? Yup, you may have noticed me explain how in previous blog posts, but as an overview…….

Download the free app, Poshmark, on your smart phone and sign up as a NEW user. At the time of sign up, enter the code BOJQX for a $10 dollar credit toward your first purchase. Poshmark allows you to shop from closets of regular people across the entire country. Some have very gently used clothes, and many have brand new, never worn clothes with tags attached. You can find amazing discounted deals on these items that run you far less than chain stores even though they originally came from there!! Some people do sell retail items on the site, but we obviously look for the bargains on new and used pieces.

This hat is in excellent condition and it is from Justice, another reason why Alexis loves it so much, haha. It was listed at $8 I believe and she offered $5 and it was accepted. Normally shipping is 4.99 flat unless your bundles weigh more than 5 pounds. I missed out on the .99 first time shipping price because Poshmark does not accept American Express so I had to wait for a Visa. The total still came out to be $9.99, but with her $10 credit, it was free. Was it a waste of $10? I don’t think so. She is in love with it and wears it daily, inside and out, lol. I allowed her to choose an item and this is what she chose!


Her T-shirt was a NWOT (new without tags) top that I found on the site ThredUP (my favorite site).


Here are a few pieces from a ThredUP shipment for Alexis (all like new).

The picture has no cracking, peeling, missing sequins or any flaws because it is a NWOT top, and it was FREE!!! Sign up (on the web for easier browsing) for ThredUP HERE to get your FREE $20 worth of clothes (5.99 shipping) just for joining with a NEW (never used before device, email, username) account (please do not try to make multiple accounts as your credits will not be valid).

She LOVES these clothes, and she knows that I LOVE saving so that I have more money to put somewhere else for my kids needs or overall family needs. For all of us, it is a blast seeing how our next deal can be better than the first! I feel that I am teaching my kids not to be stingy, but to be smart with money because like I have mentioned before, there is no sense in spending $50 on a pair of jeans when I can get the same or similar pair for $3 elsewhere when the kids are going to outgrow them in less than a year!!! We all probably have access to a washing machine so there really is no shame here.


Top: Justice- ThredUP– $0 (NWOT- not maternity)

Tank: (Hidden)- Dollar General- $2

Jeans: Either Justice, Gap or Levis- $3 Goodwill

Necklace: Free gift from one of her grandmothers for Christmas. A glitter filled bottle.

Jacket: Cant remember brand but I believe we got at a Ross.

Hat: Justice- Poshmark- $0 ($8 offered $5 and used credits so nothing out of pocket).

Don’t forget to visit one of my previous blogs titled “FREE CLOTHES” to find out how you can get your own free orders on gently used clothes and brand new clothes 😀.

If I find more, I will be sure to update for you guys!! Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to pass up these great deals. You can always earn MORE credits/free money for more clothes. It doesn’t stop with your first purchase :D.



Love my family. Love my life.

Love, The Family Coleition

Feel free to post photos of your amazing finds!!!

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