My Mini Me

A short and sweet post just like this beauty we call Bentlie!

I love that she loves little mature outfits. She doesn’t always have to be dressed in Disney princesses, and My Little Pony pieces to laugh, play, and be a joyful child. This outfit is probably one of my favs! I’m not wishing her to grow up, not at all but I cherish every moment I have with her and we have a blast picking out clothes (mini me outfits and princesses)!

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Top: Old Navy: Dirt Cheap- $1.60 (I still need to explain this store!!)

Lace vest: RMLA: Goodwill- $1.99

Leggings: No brand: Goodwill- $1.00

Shoes: No brand listed on shoes: Walmart- $3.00

Headband: Made by BowPosh


The lace vest is a size 2T. I cant stress enough to size up! Bentlie now wears 18mo but she fits in some 24mo and will be able to wear them for the rest of the year which will save me a lot with her rapid growth!!



Giving Friends Part 2

This post will be a little continuation of the “Thats what friends are for” post from a bit ago. Am I the only one that thinks of Kristen Wiig and Rose Byrne singing that song in Bridesmaids??? Hahaha.

Here is a second piece that was in the bag I got from a good friend a couple of weeks ago!! This top was NWT (new with tags attached), and I was able to make it work with my maternity style for the moment.

When I first pulled it out of the bag I was excited because I love all things sparkly, and this top has a nice amount of gold shimmer threaded throughout the pale pink/ blush fabric!! Love. Short and sweet, lets get to it!

friends clothes6

Straight out of the shower and into clothes look.

friends clothes7

Still just a big ‘ol ball, but it sure is getting heavier ;).

My husband said he liked these because I wasn’t ready for the picture. Also, this is the bag I talk about in the other friends post that my friend had the clothes she gave me in! It does look bigger here, but I love its raw cut edges and sleek look.

friends clothes9

I actually took a few seconds to put some accessories on. Watch out now.

friends clothes8

The adorable shimmering fabric!


Top: New York & Co.- a friend- $0 (NWT)

Tank: Gap- Goodwill- 1.99

Jeans: Oh Baby by Motherhood- $5 (included in a $10 bundle of two pants on Poshmark) Paid $0 (using credits)

Shoes: Calvin Klein- Goodwill- 4.99 (NWOT)

Necklace: Loft- 4.99 (clx)

Bracelet: Bealls Outlet (I think)- 3.99

Shoulder bag: Saks Fifth Ave- a friend- $0

See, name brands without the name brand hits to my bank account!


Don’t forget to visit one of my previous blogs titled “FREE CLOTHES” to find out how you can get your own free orders on gently used clothes and brand new clothes 😀.


Love my family. Love my life.

Love, The Family Coleition

Feel free to post photos of your amazing finds!!!

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Thriftmas! Bargain holiday shopping. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I landed these pieces at one of our newest Goodwill stores on 41 in Fort Myers, FL. It is right next to our new Zaxby’s!! A perfect Friday lunch outing.

Bold words are my recent thrift finds.


Cropped coat: -will update brand soon- Goodwill- 3.99

Top: Random brand- Old- Ross- 6.99

Pants: Gap- Goodwill- 4.99

Shoes: Not shown in photo- DKNY- Old- TJ Maxx- 29.99

I actually love this outfit and my finds were just like new. We looked sophisticated and turned heads all day. I didn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on our Christmas day outfits and that makes me even happier.


DuGrei and Alexis’ outfits were found at Walmart. Some may not be surprised if they are regular Walmart shoppers and have seen them, but most had no clue. We rarely go to Walmart these days because they are so extremely chaotic. We just don’t have time for that! We popped in for last minute dance outfits and these were just perfect for our fast growing kiddos.

DuGrei’s outfit came with the pants, shirt and vest. While they were not on clearance, the set was still only 19.97. His new, slip on, leather style loafers were 13.97 and his dress socks were about 3.97 for a pack of 3.

Alexis’ ensemble was also found at Walmart. The dress is absolutely adorable with the perfect amount of shine for a girly girl. The dress was also not on sale but was only 10.97. Her glitter sweater used to be mine. I have had it for many years but only wore it a few times. Since I wash clothes, dirty or not, it shrunk and happened to fit her! The leggins are black and silver with a hint of shine and they were 4.97. The shoes she wore that night happened to be too big and were regularly 13.97 but we were able to exchange them for a pair of satin, ballet flats (more suitable for dancing- heels=ouch for a 10 year old) for 5.97. Cross necklace: a gift from one of her grandmothers (it came with a large and small cross- one for mom and one for daughter).

We thought we had more time to get these Christmas program outfits together, but you know how that goes with school notes making it home. We had that afternoon to whip up something nice for that evenings show. Luckily, we have wonderful kids who understand money doesn’t grow on trees. Alexis wanted to wear this dress to her Christmas dance that was the following week. Perfect! Most of the girls in the Christmas program did the same thing so there was no reason for any of the girls to feel embarrassed or shy about it. I am one proud mommy <3.

Also, a few of the ones I post in bold may have been half off, but I just forgot so some of the tops will be about 2.00 and the jeans 3.00. I’ll try to be more organized.

Thanks and happy thrifting .

Love my family. Love my life.

Love, The Family Coleition

Feel free to post photos of your amazing finds!!!

Be sure to look back at our other cuties.