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SNS? Whaaaat is that? This is when you search on Facebook for local community pages where the surrounding areas post items for sale. Yardsale/ garage sale titled pages, Mom pages, and other specifically titled pages are considered “seller” pages on Facebook. You can join these groups for free, obviously, and watch for posts of items for sale that you may need. Sometimes individuals on these pages give items away for FREE because they do not want the hassle of trying to sell it or maybe it needs some work, and they are not worried about making money off of it.

There are many “Pay it Forward” titled pages in your areas as well. These pages are strictly for giving away items. You are welcome to claim an item that you may need (not too many or too often), but if you truly are not in need then perhaps it would be best to let someone else claim the item, especially if they have been searching or asking about the items on previous posts :). Giving your old items away on these PIF pages is also wonderful so have fun Paying it Forward!

This post will be brief in explaining this post as it is very basic, and explained above! YAY!!!





It has been weather crazy in SWFL lately with one day being freezing cold, the next day pouring rain with flooded parking lots, the next day kind of cold, but not really, then really cold, and then the next day being a breezy, warm day again!!!!

I chose this day to make my husband pit stop and take a photo of this shirt while we were sprinkled on, haha. I love you, Jason!


Jacket: Gap- Goodwill- $4.99 (Was still in retail stores)

Jeans: Oh Baby by Motherhood- $5 (included in a $10 bundle of two pants on Poshmark) Paid $0 (using credits)

Shoes: No brand- Dollar General- $3.00

Top: Worthington- Facebook sellers page- $1 (not a maternity top, but worked for it as well)

Tank: Gap- Goodwill- 1.99

DON’T FORGET: Check out this blog post FREE CLOTHES to find out HOW to get more great deals on clothes!


Love my family. Love my life.

Love, The Family Coleition

Feel free to post photos of your amazing finds!!!

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Maternity Fashion 2

I have been so lazy when it comes to dressing up to leave the house during this pregnancy. I have received some really cute things that I just can’t wait to share with you, yet I really don’t leave the house except for my side job which is at 4am!!

Today, everyone got ready just to do a quick library and post office errand so we were extremely casual. Well, we all also forgot that today is a holiday, MLK day!!! We stopped to tour some apartment complexes while we were out so it wasn’t a complete waste of gas, and then I had my lovely daughter snap a few photos of a super casual outfit to show you before going inside. Ummm, you can’t see it, but it was freezing today in SWFL! Brrr.

Here you go! Please excuse my exhausted, no make up looking face. It was a very lazy day.

I am about 30 weeks here so time is almost up. Woooow!

preggo fashion_b

preggo fashion_a

preggo fashion_d

preggo fashion_c

This is Zoey, our Parti Pom!

I absolutely love pink. For a long time I’d say I didn’t because of the typical stereotypes on girls, but I love it. I do. This dress was even better in person when I got it and gosh, I was so excited about this piece!

It is extremely comfortable made with a soft and stretch cotton blend which is perfect for before, during and after pregnancy. It is a size M and I am surprised at how some of the mediums that came in seem a bit larger than I remember. I am hoping that I can pull it off after the fact!

I received this dress from Schoola, a site that I previously blogged about. The sweater and the flats have also been featured on previous blogs, but I will list the info again at the bottom.

The best part about this dress………is the fact that I got it for free. Yup, free. It is an Old Navy dress and was NWOT (new without tags) so wow, what a deal!

Here is the blog link that explains HOW!!!!

In the order that this dress was included in, this is what I got :). When you visit these sites, you are going to love it!


I will show these other pieces later when I am not being lazy, HAHA.


Sweater: Loft- Goodwill- 2.00 (half off color tag)

Shoes: Calvin Klein- Goodwill- 4.99 (NWOT)

Dress: Old Navy- Schoola (9.09)- $0 (NWOT)

Don’t forget to visit my previous blog titled “FREE CLOTHES” to find out how you can get your own free orders on gently used clothes and brand new clothes :D.


Love my family. Love my life.

Love, The Family Coleition

Feel free to post photos of your amazing finds!!!

Be sure to look back at our other cuties.

Free clothes from SCHOOLA


What mom or dad isn’t looking for a great deal on clothes because kids outgrow them so fast??? I don’t think there is one!

Use this LINK to get $20 or more in free kids, juniors, and women’s clothing!!! Sorry men, but of course they come first ;), right? There are some men shoes on here though that I noticed!

schoola order 1

In the photo above, only $18.88 was used out of the $20 so there is still some credit left over. Credits usually expire at 60 days.

By clicking on the LINK to this totally awesome and LEGIT website, you will automatically have a $20 credit waiting for you at check out (and will have helped schools across the country- read on)!!

*NOTE* You have to be a first time user ever to this site (if anyone used your computer or phone to sign up, it will not work- more about this later).

When you get to the site, click on “Join” at the top toward the right side of the page. You can then register with your email as your user ID and with a password (IMPORTANT NOTE: Only one per household or computer is allowed. If you try to sign up with multiple accounts from the same computer/phone even if it is someone else trying to create an account (or have in the past), it will disqualify you from the credits. Be sure each person uses their own device so that you are sure to continue to get your own credits, referrals, and discounts!!!!!! This is VERY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER).

schoola join

BUT BEFORE YOU CHECKOUT, be sure you’re on the “view full site” if you’re on your phone (its at the bottom of the site on the phone), and remember to make COLLECTIONS. You can do this by clicking on collections or sometimes “add new collection” will show on the left hand side of the screen, but if you don’t have any collections made yet, you can make one from the top menu bar in yellow.

schoola collection 1

Make a collection or two, and name them whatever you’d like, such as, “New Spring Clothes”, “Tommy”, “Mom”, “kids for play”, whatever you want. By making collections, you get an additional $10 in credits (The ones listed in this photo underneath “Alexis1” are auto generated collections. The two top ones are what I made)!!!

Now, SHOP!! Shop anything but “new with tags” (photos will have a yellow flag on them and they do not qualify for credits), but the other clothes are still cute and gently used (unless it is stated there is moderate wear and it will tell you where on the article of clothing).

schoola new with tags

The arrow above shows a “new with tags” flag which is yellow. Most everything else is eligible for credits unless otherwise stated in the description :).

Every time you purchase an item (in the item description, it will tell you how much is going to that school), a portion goes to that school associated with that item for their MUSIC, ART, and FITNESS programs! As someone that was into all of these programs throughout my school career, this is an awesome program to have created for these schools!

schoola portion

You can also check to see if your school is listed!

schoola find your school

Type your school name in or the first parts of it (or the zip code), and a list will come up of anything similar or in that area. If so, you can donate your old, gently used clothes to them and a portion of the funds will go to YOUR SCHOOL!!! You will receive a bag to put these clothes in when you receive your first purchase (or you can request a free bag from the site). It will have a postage paid label so sending them is FREE for you!

I have to tell you guys, it may seem a little daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it and figure out how to sift through everything, it is TOTALLY worth it. It doesn’t take long and if you follow the LINK, you’re golden!!

REFER your friends, and earn more credits!!! There’s a link at the bottom of the site after your purchase to do that as well :).




If I have left anything out, I will be sure to update, but if you have any questions, feel free to email me or use the help email at the bottom of Schoola to email their support team directly :).



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Of course you are able to create your own blog to spread the word about your own link or anywhere else you have access to! Thanks!!