My Mini Me

A short and sweet post just like this beauty we call Bentlie!

I love that she loves little mature outfits. She doesn’t always have to be dressed in Disney princesses, and My Little Pony pieces to laugh, play, and be a joyful child. This outfit is probably one of my favs! I’m not wishing her to grow up, not at all but I cherish every moment I have with her and we have a blast picking out clothes (mini me outfits and princesses)!

bentlie blog9_5bentlie blog9_4bentlie blog9_3bentlie blog9_2bentlie blog9_1bentlie blog9


Top: Old Navy: Dirt Cheap- $1.60 (I still need to explain this store!!)

Lace vest: RMLA: Goodwill- $1.99

Leggings: No brand: Goodwill- $1.00

Shoes: No brand listed on shoes: Walmart- $3.00

Headband: Made by BowPosh


The lace vest is a size 2T. I cant stress enough to size up! Bentlie now wears 18mo but she fits in some 24mo and will be able to wear them for the rest of the year which will save me a lot with her rapid growth!!



My Cup Runneth Over

When I found out I was pregnant with my third child, I locked myself in the bathroom for maybe an hour or more. As my husband explains it, it was exactly what happened with the first. That is how he knew the test was positive.

With the first child you’re scared. It’s all new, and now everyone you know is going to start trying to tell you their ways on how to raise your children, lol. With a third on the way, you probably know a thing or two, but if it has been 10 years since your last, well then…….it’s like a first all over again!! At least to me.

After two kids I was saying the same things that I said with my first which I had 13 years ago. “We’re not ready.”, “I don’t know what to do.”, “Can we even afford this?”, “What about work. School?”, and on and on! I look at this blessing now, and think what did we even do before her? The other two kids were excited about the news. They understood that a baby would take a lot of the adults time. They were great with helping with everything, and playing with her. Now that she’s 1, they have even more fun because she is a dare devil- scared of nothing- knows she’s protected.

It has been an amazing journey. We weren’t ready, but who ever is…actually READY? I knew what to do because I had to do whatever it took to provide for my family. We could afford it because I have learned how to save A LOT of money on items and necessities for the family. I work at home and no longer have side jobs because I learned how to build my online business and even took on a network marketing “job” helping others feel their absolute BEST.

I love that I’m able to stay home with Bentlie and work on my businesses now. She lights up our lives and gives us a chance to share things that we went through to help others who may be going through similar situations. I just love that.

I snapped these pics of Bentlie a couple of weeks ago because I couldn’t get over how adorable and sweet she is. I’m truly blessed more than words can tell you <3.


See how we saved with this outfit!

bentlie blog8_1

Those toes though!!! Stay this sweet forever my love.

bentlie blog8

Pastels with bold colors is where its at ;).

bentlie blog8_2

The back of this shirt is to die for <3.

The pieces we buy are usually bought at different times and then we mix and match throughout the time she wears them. Not many outfits are set with specific pieces. This top was given to her by a long time friend, Lanika Abbott at Bentlies one year birthday party in March with a pair of abstract printed harem shorts in pastel colors. The cutest outfits ever!

harem shorts

The cutest!! Thank you Lanika. These were given to Bentlie at her 1 year birthday party in March. 18 mo sizing. She was able to wear the outfit on the right immediately, but the shorts on the left were a bit big then. Now, she can wear them both just fine. This is why we always size UP!!

I thought the black and white was SO cute with the pastel pink <3.


Top: Maggie & Zoe: Birthday gift- 0.00

Tribal shorts: Garanimals: Walmart- $2.00 Clearance

Headband: Hobby Lobby Clearance- 1.00 (I make headbands but it was super cute and only a buck, so why not?)


Free Clothes for Girls

I have posted a few outfits for women that I have received amazing deals on and hope that others are taking advantage of as well through the links I have provided :).

Let us take a look at a few kids pieces from these links and of course I will throw in a Goodwill find ;). Even though I am a little upset at the drastic price hikes that Goodwill has done lately (as well as “retail” upgrades)  in SWFL (and maybe all over, I’m not sure), I can still find a few good deals here and there, just not as often as I used to.

We will start with my daughter. I have picked out my daughters clothes for years, but when she turned 10 (maybe that is a little late to some) she started picking out her own (as long as they were age appropriate, affordable, and not too cray cray). I am incredibly lucky to have a daughter who trusts my taste in clothes for her (for the most part- once in a while there’s a few pieces she turns her nose up at), and appreciates the fact that I think about her (and my son) when I am clothes shopping or just happen to run across a random piece somewhere.

I actually asked some questions that a friend had posted on Facebook, and had my kids answer them honestly. Here is what they said (yes, no. 7 is missing because my friend took that one off since it was about height, hahaha).

DuGreis questions

Alexis questions

They were pretty legit answers even though some are a bit off, they really crack me up with how they think or what they think about us as parents even with such basic questions. But number 10 for Alexis is what I am talking about here. She remembers this about me and what I do for her, and I feel she really appreciates it or this would have not come up in the conversation. It really makes me feel good. Little things make me feel good.

schoola alexis

She always has those headphones ;).

schoola alexis1


About this outfit:

This is a hat that Alexis ordered for FREE off of Poshmark. For free? Yup, you may have noticed me explain how in previous blog posts, but as an overview…….

Download the free app, Poshmark, on your smart phone and sign up as a NEW user. At the time of sign up, enter the code BOJQX for a $10 dollar credit toward your first purchase. Poshmark allows you to shop from closets of regular people across the entire country. Some have very gently used clothes, and many have brand new, never worn clothes with tags attached. You can find amazing discounted deals on these items that run you far less than chain stores even though they originally came from there!! Some people do sell retail items on the site, but we obviously look for the bargains on new and used pieces.

This hat is in excellent condition and it is from Justice, another reason why Alexis loves it so much, haha. It was listed at $8 I believe and she offered $5 and it was accepted. Normally shipping is 4.99 flat unless your bundles weigh more than 5 pounds. I missed out on the .99 first time shipping price because Poshmark does not accept American Express so I had to wait for a Visa. The total still came out to be $9.99, but with her $10 credit, it was free. Was it a waste of $10? I don’t think so. She is in love with it and wears it daily, inside and out, lol. I allowed her to choose an item and this is what she chose!


Her T-shirt was a NWOT (new without tags) top that I found on the site ThredUP (my favorite site).


Here are a few pieces from a ThredUP shipment for Alexis (all like new).

The picture has no cracking, peeling, missing sequins or any flaws because it is a NWOT top, and it was FREE!!! Sign up (on the web for easier browsing) for ThredUP HERE to get your FREE $20 worth of clothes (5.99 shipping) just for joining with a NEW (never used before device, email, username) account (please do not try to make multiple accounts as your credits will not be valid).

She LOVES these clothes, and she knows that I LOVE saving so that I have more money to put somewhere else for my kids needs or overall family needs. For all of us, it is a blast seeing how our next deal can be better than the first! I feel that I am teaching my kids not to be stingy, but to be smart with money because like I have mentioned before, there is no sense in spending $50 on a pair of jeans when I can get the same or similar pair for $3 elsewhere when the kids are going to outgrow them in less than a year!!! We all probably have access to a washing machine so there really is no shame here.


Top: Justice- ThredUP– $0 (NWOT- not maternity)

Tank: (Hidden)- Dollar General- $2

Jeans: Either Justice, Gap or Levis- $3 Goodwill

Necklace: Free gift from one of her grandmothers for Christmas. A glitter filled bottle.

Jacket: Cant remember brand but I believe we got at a Ross.

Hat: Justice- Poshmark- $0 ($8 offered $5 and used credits so nothing out of pocket).

Don’t forget to visit one of my previous blogs titled “FREE CLOTHES” to find out how you can get your own free orders on gently used clothes and brand new clothes 😀.

If I find more, I will be sure to update for you guys!! Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to pass up these great deals. You can always earn MORE credits/free money for more clothes. It doesn’t stop with your first purchase :D.



Love my family. Love my life.

Love, The Family Coleition

Feel free to post photos of your amazing finds!!!

Be sure to look back at our other cuties.

Collage of finds

Saturday we hit up our second Goodwill 50% off sale. While we didn’t dive in like we did the first time, we picked up a few “needs”. We had a seriously busy day, and did our best to squeeze 3 or 4 stops in.

Here is one of my simple finds while standing in the checkout line “ready to go”. There’s ALWAYS time to peruse!!

Bold words are my recent thrift finds.


Shirt: – Mossimo- Goodwill- 2.00 (half off day)

Tank: Out of town family Christmas gift (duh)- 0.00

Necklace: No brand- Goodwill Boutique- 5.99

Skinny jeans: Rue 21- Ross- old- 8.99

Shoes- Sperry- Rack Room Shoes- 79.99 (BOGO sale- my husband’s were half off)

Sunglasses– No brand- Goodwill- 2.00 (sunglasses are NWT (new with tags) on Goodwill spinners)


This was a long day started with a very early morning of higher education learning, haha, at FGCU. These days are the ones where you grab whatever you can find in a dark room (with maybe the bathroom light peeking out a tad bit) praying the whole way from that moment to your destination that whatever you threw on matches……in some way….any way and if not, you do your best to act like you meant to end up that way.

The necklace was on the dash board of the truck so I threw it on to balance out my tan shoes ;). I wear tank tops with EVERY shirt to prevent the lace pattern or whatever design (folds, creases, pleats, lace, bow, ruffle, etc.) the bra may bestow, from saying hello to the outside world. Here, the white tank with grey designs decided to pop out so it pulled my white sunglasses in!

Happy thrifting and feel free to share your stories. We have a great video to show if I can figure out how to release it. It is something else, that’s for sure. Enjoy!

Love my family. Love my life.

Love, The Family Coleition

Feel free to post photos of your amazing finds!!!

Be sure to look back at our other cuties.