My Mini Me

A short and sweet post just like this beauty we call Bentlie!

I love that she loves little mature outfits. She doesn’t always have to be dressed in Disney princesses, and My Little Pony pieces to laugh, play, and be a joyful child. This outfit is probably one of my favs! I’m not wishing her to grow up, not at all but I cherish every moment I have with her and we have a blast picking out clothes (mini me outfits and princesses)!

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Top: Old Navy: Dirt Cheap- $1.60 (I still need to explain this store!!)

Lace vest: RMLA: Goodwill- $1.99

Leggings: No brand: Goodwill- $1.00

Shoes: No brand listed on shoes: Walmart- $3.00

Headband: Made by BowPosh


The lace vest is a size 2T. I cant stress enough to size up! Bentlie now wears 18mo but she fits in some 24mo and will be able to wear them for the rest of the year which will save me a lot with her rapid growth!!



Let your love shine

Let your love shine, always, in everything you do!!

We are doing our best to teach our kids this, and as we head back into the school year this is even more important!! We are, of course, anti-bully- having been the kids that went through that in school, even into some high school. We believe that everyone is unique, and just because they are interested or like something that someone else doesn’t, that doesn’t make them non-friend worthy! We can learn so much from each other.

Our kids have done a phenomenal job at making others feel comfortable and being their friend even when others see things differently.  I pray that they continue to show this love to everyone, giving them the chance they deserve even as adults.

Now that our oldest two (13 and 11) are going to be in high school soon, we didn’t expect to have another to experience these things, lol! I think she will be just fine as well <3.

This shirt was absolutely perfect and we found it at Target on clearance a few months ago, in March I believe.

We usually buy a size up for Bentlie so she can get some extra wear time because she grows so fast. Now that the other two are slowing down, its becoming easier with their sizes.

Let your love shine

Bentlie sitting in her great grandmothers chair in the formal living room. So sweet! She even let me paint her nails. Now, she gets upset if I don’t paint them when she hands me he nail polish, haha. Girly girl!

Let your love shine

These gold bows just MAKE the outfit!

Let your love shine

This shows how the skirt was NWT! There were two available at 18 mo but unfortunately, I only needed one, lol.

Let your love shine

Those eyes though!!! This photo was taken for our OOTD (outfit of the day) we did a few months back around her birthday month :). The leggings have little gold flowers so it went great together!

Let your love shine

This was when she first got this outfit. The hearts on the leggings are half black and half gold :). Funny story about these leggings coming in another blog! Stay tuned.

About the outfit:

T-shirt: Cat & Jack: Target clearance- $3.49

Bow skirt: No brand (has snowflake/star symbol- Regular price $4.97 at Walmart online): Goodwill NWT- .99 cents

Bow headband (in first photo): BowPosh by Laura C Cole & Co. (made by me, can be found in our shops at



About the other pieces:

Black leggings: Forgot brand: Goodwill- $1.99

Heart leggings: Cat & Jack: Target sale- Buy one get one half off (regular price $6.00).

Bow headband (in next to last photo): BowPosh by Laura C Cole & Co. (made by me, can be found in our shops at

Funny story about the heart pants coming soon!!!



Love my family. Love my life. 

Love, The Family Coleition 

Feel free to post photos of your amazing finds!!!

Be sure to look back at our other cuties.



Thrills and Frills

This has to be one of my favorite outfits that I have found through thrifting!!! All of the pieces came from my thrift frenzies (except maybe the tank top underneath the ruffled shirt), and no one can tell unless I TELL them!

I wish the photos were bigger, but hopefully you get the idea! I hope you think it is as adoooorable as I do. Going blonde again also makes my ensembles look so much brighter on top of the colors I have chosen for Spring and Summer :).

I was walking down a hallway in this outfit and a girl asked my husband where I got my top, and then about some of my other clothes stating that I always dress nicely. He told her and she did not believe him. I was complimented numerous times on this top the day I wore it and I have to admit, that helps make my smile grow a bit bigger :D.

You may think you cannot find anything in your local thrift stores, but I guarantee you can! I know I could if I went in, but you have to really want to find something. It takes time to sift, but in the end, it is very worth it (especially once you get really fast at it- we will be posting a video soon to show what I do)!

Bold words are my recent thrift finds.



goodwill37_2 Totally jazzed up some North Face sporty shorts!



Ruffled top: – IZ Byer- Goodwill- 2.00 (half off tag)

Tank (underneath): TJ Maxx: 5.99

Shorts: The North Face- Goodwill- 2.00 (half off tag)

Shoes: Mossimo Supply Co.- Goodwill- 4.99

Handbag: BCBGeneration- Goodwill (like new)- 3.99- like new

Sunglasses: Forgot brand on tag- Goodwill (new with tags)- 2.99

Necklace: Unknown brand- Goodwill Boutique- 5.99


So, YES!!!! My entire outfit came from a thrift store (minus the white tank underneath- even though I have another white tank that DID come from one), and spending as much for all of the pieces combined instead of ONE top in a retail store makes me one thrilled, girly girl!

Love my family. Love my life.

Love, The Family Coleition

Feel free to post photos of your amazing finds!!!

Be sure to look back at our other cuties.