Daddy’s little princess


My husband loves all of his kids whole heartedly, but the little ones always get a little more attention ;). When we were walking through Walmart after picking up some necessities we walked by the car seats because we are on the search for a new one for Bentlie. On his way through he saw an outfit he liked but put it down. The next day we went back for something else, and he showed me the outfit again saying that she really liked it so I tossed it in the cart. He looked a little shocked because it wasn’t even on clearance, LOL.

I thought it was the sweetest thing that he had picked out an outfit for her and I knew he wanted it because he mentioned it again. He did a great job and it looks perfect on her!! She has a couple of tops like this but her other she has outgrown and another is still too big so why not have one for NOW? She does love it though, and its wonderful for these 100 degree Tennessee summer days, that’s for sure.

Check out the deets below!

bentlie blog7_2

Acting a little bummed she couldn’t get out of the gate.

bentlie blog7_1

Moving a lot once I start taking more photos, lol.

bentlie blog7_4

I told her we needed to go inside because it was super hot!

bentlie blog7_3

She still didn’t want to go in. I had to pick her up. She LOVES being inside regardless of heat index warnings, but what Mommy says is final <3.

About the outfit:

Top and pant combo: Healthtex Baby: Walmart- $6.88

Headband: BowPosh by Laura C Cole & Co. found at



Love my family. Love my life. 

Love, The Family Coleition 

Feel free to post photos of your amazing finds!!!

Be sure to look back at our other cuties.


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